About Us

"FIRESIGN" is an Italian Sports Clothing Brand based in Milano. The Brand represents the Italian Style, Simplicity, Design, Minimalism and Elegance in creating high quality clothing for Athletes and Sport Lovers. The concept combines the ancient Roman spirit for competition and Body Cult with the modern Italian taste for fashion and Beauty. The FIRESIGN Collection Man/Woman 2016-2017 is created by the Fashion Designers Rocco Cosentino, Matthias Unterkircher Dalla Torre and Vili Gage at PAPER GARDEN DESIGN - Milan. 

Rocco Cosentino is a fashion designer, graphic designer and product manager, with over 20 years of experience in fashion business, currently designing for different European fashion brands.  www.rocco-cosentino.it

Matthias Unterkircher - Dalla Torre is a couturier, fashion designer and  product manager. Graduated IED Moda Lab Rome (2005), Marangoni Institute Milan (2007) and Burgo Moda Institute (2010).  www.matthias.me.it

Vili Gage is a fashion designer, stylist and art director for the Women collection FIRESIGN. Graduated IED Moda (2013) and HFFA (2015) in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

The name of the brand  itself is a game of words. In one hand “Firesign” comes from the ancient Roman beliefs of astrology, where the “Fire Signs” - Aries, Leo and Sagitarius - govern the Cycle of Fire during the Year. And nothing better than the Fire expresses the Energy of  Movement, Dynamics, Exsercise, Competition, Battle and Sports.  Mars - the God of  Warriors, Gladiators and Athletes was the first to be worshiped in the Roman calendar as giving start of the year with the Spring Fire on March 20th. In the other hand  “Firesign” is the English word for Brand, the “fire-burnt-sign” for property on kettle. And it is to symbolize One’s Identity,  group belonging or Clothing Style. The Original “Firesign” Logo is designed by the artist Gantcho (www.gantcho.it) and is a Minimal and Stylized representation of an ancient Helmet with an incorporated “F”. The idea comes from a series of Oil Paintings, drawn by the artist between 2009-2012 and called “Guardians”. The paintings figure scenes with Angel-Warriors with no visible bodies but just armor and wings. And so the “Firesign” Logo becomes the Helmet of an Angel-Warrior.